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Before you consider buying a used part, please read this

We keep an email list of parts required, when we acquire a car for dismantling that may yield a part that you want then we will try to inform you. Sign up to our wanted list here

    Sometimes the part you require is not available new, or is exorbitantly expensive. We have been recycling Triumphs for many years in order to liberate these required parts.  In many instances these parts have already been cleaned & shelved awaiting dispatch. We stock a very wide range of parts covering all Triumph models from 1959 to 1982 (no Acclaim parts). We have literally tens of thousands of used parts on almost a mile of shelving, from a chassis to a wheelnut, a distributor to a gearbox to a hoodframe. We also have a large dismantlers yard full of Triumphs in various states of undress, where parts can be removed by us after your inspection. Our used mechanical parts are guaranteed for 28 days. For further warranty details click here. We acquire most of our vehicles to  dismantle from our contracts with insurance firms to deal with their "written-off" vehicles, see here for further details. These vehicles can often be a rich source of mechanical and trim components which are often in very good order, especially gearboxes, diffs & axles. If you are interested in guaranteed used engines or heads then click here. We often get requests for used tyres & wheels (alloys, wires, and standard wheels) - we normally hold in stock a selection at extremely competitive prices. -  see here. Every so often we find that we are overstocked with a particular part and will then clear these at rock-bottom prices to make more space, see below for further details. Currently dismantling: GT6 x 3  Spitfire x 9  Herald Estate x 1  Herald Saloon x 3  Herald convertible x 2   Vitesse saloon x 0  Vitesse Convertible x 2  2500PI Estate x 1  2000/2500 x 3  Stag x 6  Dolomite x 3  Sprint x 1  TR6 x 1  TR7 x 3  TR8 x 1  1300FWD x 1  Toledo x 2   Bond Equipe x 2

GT6III just come in for spares - do you need anything?

GT6 Mk1 currently in, some parts left on this rare car


See here for prices of our 50 most popular every day second hand parts - at the cheapest prices in the business. Or see below for overstock we would like to clear:

Special Offers & One-Offs Offers change regularly - please bookmark this page         (and refresh regularly)
  • We have just acquired an a very good Spit IV for breaking which has exceptionally good panels
  • Huge range of Dolly & 2000 seats. Please ring.

  • Stag hoodframe not perfect but useable 190 with tatty hood.
  • Spitfire IV/1500 Hoodframe in very good order 45
  • TR6 Hoodframe 155
  • Herald/Vitesse Hoodframe 245
  • Spitfire IV/1500 original Stanpart hood cover. Tan. Like new condition 40    
  • Spitfire IV/1500 radiators in good condition. 1 months guarantee 65
  • Dolomite 1300/1500/Toledo radiators in good condition. 1 months guarantee 45
  • Herald/Vitesse convertible bodytub with chassis  in good useable condition usually a choice from 400
  • Spitfire IV/1500 bodytub with chassis usually a choice from 300
  • Herald/Vitesse chassis choice of 6 from 150
  • Chassis (Not TR) from 150 upwards, depending on condition
  • Dolomite doors from 50 each
  • Twin 11/4 SU carbs on inlet manifold complete with float chambers, linkages etc. Suit Spit 1-IV, Dolomite, etc, or upgrade your Herald, Toldeo etc to twin carbs. Complete assembly in running order - just bolt on. 149 set
  • Twin 11/2 SU carbs on inlet manifold complete with float chambers, linkages etc. Suit Spit 1500, Dolomite 1500 etc, or upgrade your Spitfire IV, Dolomite 1300 etc. Complete assembly in running order - just bolt on. 209 set (Particularly useful for USA owners wishing to upgrade their Spit single carb set-up for more power - need filters to match? - see here)
  • Carbs  supplied singly from 20 each - ring for your requirement.
  • Water pumps OHV engines 10 - ring for your requirement


Take a quick tour of the used parts stored in our warehouse - click the thumbs:

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bodytrims2.JPG (323465 bytes)

More Bodytrims

bonnetlamptrims.JPG (317696 bytes)

Headlamp Trims

doorhandles.JPG (326969 bytes)


gearboxes.JPG (327715 bytes)


glass.JPG (340037 bytes)


handbrakelevers.JPG (323435 bytes)

Handbrake Levers

horns.JPG (327197 bytes)


heraldlamps.JPG (327840 bytes)


hubcaps.JPG (326494 bytes)


wheelnuts.JPG (325819 bytes)


wheelsalloy.JPG (321849 bytes)


rearlampcoversandkneepads.JPG (322825 bytes)


regulators.JPG (326268 bytes)


rotoflexwishbones.JPG (326675 bytes)

Rotflex 'bones

suspension.JPG (330839 bytes)

Suspension Corner

tanks.JPG (329556 bytes)

Fuel Tanks

startermotors.JPG (325436 bytes)

Starter Motors

seatframes.JPG (330572 bytes)


seats.JPG (331760 bytes)


seats2.JPG (328621 bytes)

More Seats

heatermotors.JPG (326843 bytes)

Heater Motors

heatermotors2.JPG (327226 bytes)

More Heaters

heatermotors3.JPG (333498 bytes)

Yet More

heatermotors4.JPG (323971 bytes)

You get the idea

guages.JPG (325204 bytes)


guages2.JPG (329646 bytes)

More Gauges

guages3.JPG (326282 bytes)

Just some of

guages5.JPG (329532 bytes)

our 1000+

guages6.JPG (329528 bytes)

Triumph Gauges!



As you can appreciate we cannot list all our parts (new or used) on the web. Please ring or email for a quote on any part you require.

Bonnets....currently we have a selection of: as of: 26/04/12
  • Spitfire II x 0
  • Spitfire III x 2
  • Spitfire IV/1500 x 9
  • GT6I x 0
  • GT6II x 1
  • GT6III x 1 
  • Herald 1200 x 2
  • Herald 13/60 x 3 
  • Vitesse x 2
  • TR5/6 x 1 100
  • TR7 Early x 3
  • TR7 Late x 2
  • Dolomite x 11
  • 2000 x 3
  • Stag x 5 

Bonnets are priced individually according to condition.


Doors...usually a selection, please ring before visiting. Note that used doors always need work. Priced individually according to condition.

We can normally supply bootlids/tailgates for all Triumphs except early TRs












Chassis are usually available, but again ring first - we always check for true (ie no accident damage) and integrity of the main rails, but expect that some or all outriggers will need replacing. From 150 upwards ,

Original Factory Hardtops. Be warm & dry this winter:

  • Currently a selection of 3 x Spit 1-3 hardtop. 4 x Spitfire IV/1500 Hardtop. Stag x 2.

Alternatively we can supply brand new ready to fit fibreglass hardtops, see here.


Sprint/1850 dashboard complete. In very good order & all dials working. Will fit all Dolomites 75  



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As you can appreciate we cannot list all our parts (new or used) on the web. Please ring or email for a quote on any part you require.