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 Wheels - Used   (List last updated 12/03/12 )

Original Triumph factory alloy wheels are usually available, but ring first if you are making a special trip. We also have alternative and aftermarket alloys which are sold on a one off basis, see below.

Triumph Factory Alloys Alternative Alloys Steel Wheels Wire Wheels Hubcaps Wolfrace Wheel Nuts

Stag alloy wheels (5.5J x 14) in unkerbed, undistorted condition 45 each. Suit Stag/2000/2500 (Tyres if fitted come free)
Dolomite Sprint Alloys 5.5J x 13  35 each. 

These alloys are very popular fitted to other Triumphs.


TR7 Alloys 5.5J x 13. 35 each

These alloys are very popular fitted to other Triumphs. Pic shows Herald with TR7 alloys fitted painted black


Dunlop Racing Alloys. 6J x 13. Very light indeed magnesium alloy wheel (approx 4 kilo). 3 with half worn 175/70/13 Michelin tyres. Set 5 350
Cosmic Racing Alloys. 6J x 13. Very light (approx 8 kilo) No tyres. Set 6 500

These wheels are in exceptional condition and 3 of them look like they have never been fitted.

Revolution Multispoke 6J x 13. Pair of 30 pair
We currently have 2 sets of genuine 70s Cobra Superslots in lovely condition - see photos opposite. Stud pattern to suit Spitfire, Herald, Vitesse, GT6, Dolomite, TR7. Complete with nuts and centrecaps.
  • Set of five 5J x 13 with nearly new tyres 400
  • Set of four 5.5J x 13 with half worn tyres 300

Above are photos of the actual wheels. Below are clickable photos of what they looked like on the cars they came from

Weller white 8 spoke wheels. Stud pattern to suit Spitfire, Herald, Vitesse, GT6, Dolomite, TR7. Complete with nuts. Long overdue a repaint - and generally nicer painted body colour than the white they came from the factory in. 2 with part worn tyres 100  
Set 4 TR6 wheels in nice condition. 3 with newish tyres and 1 half-worn (7mm, 6mm, 6mm, 4mm). Size 185/65/15. 300

Click the pic on the right for full size image

5.5J x 13 GT6 steel wheels  55.00 each. These wheels were only factory fit for the last few GT6 III's but they are identical to late Spit wheels in appearance except that they are 1" wider. Very popular for Spits, but will fit Herald, Vitesse, Dolly etc
We do of course have a large selection of standard wheels with & without tyres. Prices start at 15 each according to model.

Wire Wheels Individually. Wire wheel painted each 55, Wire wheel chrome each 95, hub adapter each 22, spinner each 10

Interested in new wires - see here

Hubcaps for SpitfireI-III, Herald, Vitesse1600 & MK1, GT6I, Dolomite, Toledo, 2000, TR7 all at 4 each. 

Spitfire IV/1500 plastic hubcaps (black or silver) at 5 each

GT6 & TR6 chrome/alloy hubcaps at 15 each.

Alternatively we can supply brand new chrome hubcaps for Spitfire I-III, Herald, Vitesse 1600 & MK1 at 16 each or 54.95 for a set of 4


Want to have your own alloys reconditioned or any of the above alloys reconditioned? See here


 Notes On Used Wheels:

Size  Popular Fitments*
4.5J x 13 Spitfire (all), Herald, Vitesse, 
5J x 13 Spitfire (all), Herald, Vitesse, GT6 (all)
5.5J x 13 Spitfire (all), Herald, Vitesse, GT6 (all), 2000 Range, Sprint, TR7
6 J x 13 SpitfireIV/1500, GT6III, 2000 Range, TR6, TR7
7J x 13 TR7
8J x 13 TR7
5.5J x 14 SpitfireIV/1500, GT6III, 2000 Range, Stag, TR5, TR6, TR7
6J x 14 SpitfireIV/1500, GT6III, Stag, TR5, TR6, TR7
6J x 15 TR5, TR6, Stag, TR7
7J x 15 TR5, TR6, Stag, TR7


Wolfrace & Revolution Wheel Nuts. 

We can supply new chrome Wolfrace wheel nuts for Wolfrace wheels. Buy online here  To order we would need to know:

  1. Thread size (3/8"UNF, 7/16" UNF, 1/2"UNF, 12x1.5mm)
  2. Shank Diameter (41/64", 5/8", 11/16", 3/4")
  3. Washer Type (Flat or Tapered)

Please bear in mind before you ring or email to place an order that:


Revolution Centre Caps:

We can supply new original Revolution push-on centrecaps
Fits all 62mm internal diameter wheel centres

Buy online here


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