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Books & Manuals


Workshop Manuals:

Title Triumph Herald (59 - 71) Classic Reprint
Make Triumph
Model Triumph Herald
Author J.L.S. Maclay
Covers Saloon, Coupe, Estate, Convertible & Van
948, 1147 & 1296cc
59 - 71
ISBN 0 900550 10 4
Book No 0010
Price 25


Title Triumph Spitfire (62 - 81) up to X
Make Triumph
Model Triumph Spitfire
Author Peter G. Strasman & J.H. Haynes
Covers Mk I, II, III, IV & 1500
1147, 1296 & 1493cc
62 - 81
(up to X)
ISBN 1 85010 022 5
Book No 0113
Price 25.00


Title Triumph GT6 & Vitesse (62 - 74) Classic Reprint
Make Triumph
Model Triumph GT6 & Vitesse
Author I M Coomber
Covers GT6 Coupe & Vitesse Saloon
1596 & 1998cc
62 - 74
ISBN 0 85696 612 6
Book No 0112
Price 25 


Triumph TR2, TR3, TR3A, TR4 and TR4A (52 - 67) up to F
Classic Reprint
All models, 52 - 67, up to F
2.0 litre (1991cc) and 2.1 litre (2138cc)
Book No:
0 900550 28 7
Price: 25.00


Title Triumph TR5 & 6 (67 - 75) Classic Reprint
Make Triumph
Model Triumph TR5 & 6
Author J.H. Haynes & B.L. Chalmers-Hunt
Covers TR5 & TR6
67 - 75
ISBN 0 900550 31 7
Book No 0031
Price 25


Title Triumph TR7 (75 - 82) Classic Reprint
Make Triumph
Model Triumph TR7
Author J.H. Haynes & Peter Ward
Covers FH Coupe & Drophead
75 - 82
ISBN 0 85696 848 X
Book No 0322
Price 25


Title Triumph Stag (70 - 78) up to T
Make Triumph
Model Triumph Stag
Author J.H. Haynes & Bruce Gilmour
Covers 2997cc ohc V8
70 - 78
(up to T)
ISBN 0 85696 441 7
Book No 0441
Price 25.00


Car Bodywork Repair Manual (3rd Edition)
By: Lindsay Porter
Here, in this updated third edition, is the complete practical guide to car bodywork repair and renovation for the DIY enthusiast. With the aid of illustrated, step-by-step instructions it explains how to tackle a wide range of jobs, from fixing a scratch to fitting a new body panel. Also covered are welding, rust treatment, paint spraying, sanding and grinding, mixing and applying body fillers, masking, windscreen renewal, and fixing window winders and door locks.
'it's all there' Cars & Car Conversions
'incredibly useful' VW Motoring
'spot on' Classic Car Weekly
Hardback, 270 x 210mm, 288 pages, over 1,200 illustrations including colour
ISBN: 9781859606575
Book No: H657
price: 16.99


Classic Car Electrical Systems Repair Manual
By: Dave Pollard
Many DIY enthusiasts, happy to do quite complex repair or restoration work on their classic cars, shudder at the prospect of tackling anything to do with the electrics. This book is for them. It is a clearly written, well-illustrated practical guide to electrical systems, covering everything from safety, basic principles, and tools and techniques, to actual projects such as stripping down a typical generator, fitting gauges, or adding a security alarm.
'A good introduction to the principles' Classics
'Clear and easy to follow' Mini Magazine
Hardback, 270 x 210mm, 192 pages, 488 illustrations
ISBN: 9781859604335
Book No: H433
price: 17.99


Repairing and Restoring Classic Car Components
By: Peter and John Wallage
On modern cars, damaged components are regarded as items to be thrown away and replaced. Spares are readily available, and the high cost of labour makes repair uneconomic for commercial garages. But for a classic car the story is quite different. This book - expertly written and clearly illustrated - shows the enthusiast how to rescue, repair and restore old components. It will be indispensable to people wanting to keep a restored car on the road as well as those undertaking a full rebuild.
'a great buy' *The Sun
'really lives up to its name' Classic Car Weekly
'Excellent reference' Classic & Sports Car
Hardback, 270 x 210mm, 160 pages, 330 illustrations, mainly colour
ISBN: 9781859606940
Book No: H694
price: 18.99


Classic Car Interiors Restoration Manual
By: Kim Henson
This well-illustrated book, although aimed primarily at the owners of classic cars, provides the tricks of the trade to enable the interior of a car of any age to be successfully renovated. It includes cleaning and restoration techniques for renovating soiled but sound interiors; how to strip a car interior for complete renovation; guidance on dismantling, repairing and re-upholstering seats; the secrets of producing new headlinings; the making and fitting of new carpets; the fabrication of replacement trim panels; and how to make new soft-tops and install a sun roof.
Hardback, 270 x 210mm, 192 pages, 689 illustrations
ISBN: 9781850109327
Book No: H932
price: 17.99



Restoration Guides, Originality Guides Etc:

Title Triumph Spitfire, GT6, Vitesse & Herald Restoration Manual
Author Lindsay Porter & Peter Williams
Description When the Triumph Herald, Spitfire and derivatives first appeared in the 1960s, their radically new design features made them perfect DIY cars for the owners of the day. Today, those very same features help to make the Herald, Spitfire, GT6 and Vitesse among the most restorable classic cars available for DIY enthusiasts. The booming owners’ club movement and the continuing availability of spare parts ensures that these cars will be popular for many years to come.
Type Hardback, 270 x 210mm
Pages 308pp, Over 900 illustrations
ISBN 1 85960 867 1
EAN 9 781859 608678
Book No H867
Price 19.99


Title TR for Triumph
Author Chris Harvey
Description From the popular OIP 'Classic Car Series', this book has been re-issued to satisfy a continuing demand. It provides a wealth of technical information with a fully illustrated history, anecdotes, practical tips, and compulsive reading in the form of contemporary road testers' reports. There is also advice on what to look for when buying a Triumph TR - the strengths and weaknesses of this classic car - hints on restoration and on preparing a car for competition, and fascinating information on the competition successes and the men behind the cars.
Type Hardback, 250 x 207mm
Pages 256pp, 235 black & white and colour photographs
ISBN 0 902280 94 5
EAN 9 780902 280946
Book No P094
Price 19.99


Title Original Triumph TR4/4A/5/6 (New Edition)
Author Bill Piggott
Description The second volume in a greatly expanded treatment of the TR family deals with TR4-6 and includes the GTR Dove coupe and the US model TR250. All but a handful of the pictures - three times as many as in the previous edition - are new, and the text contains a mass of additional details based on extensive new research.
Type Hardback, 295 x 225mm
Pages 128pp, 250 colour illustrations
ISBN 1 901432 04 1
EAN 9 781901 432046
Book No BV3204
Price 24.99


Triumph: Haynes Classic Makes Series
Sport and elegance
By: Bill Piggott
The enthusiast following for Triumph cars, especially the sports cars, carries on undiminished, even though the marque has been defunct for over 20 years. Here, from a celebrated Triumph expert, is the inside story of a popular make that has always had a special place in the hearts of sports car enthusiasts, and manufactured some acclaimed saloon cars as well. The varied content includes technical information, driving impressions and buying hints.
Hardback, 270 x 210mm, 160 pages, 110 colour & 40 b&w illustrations
ISBN: 9781859609699
Book No: H969
 price: 19.99


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