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Wheel Reconditioning Service


We are able to refurbish alloy and steel wheels to new condition. They are first shotblasted, then recut on a lathe, primed, painted, lacquered, & machine polished. Priced according to wheel type and size from 75.00, please ring for further details. We are often able to supply exchange Sprint, Stag & TR7 alloys from stock on an exchange basis. For other alloy types not available from stock, or if you wish to have your own alloys reconditioned and the tyres refitted, we able to collect & deliver wheels.



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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I buy outright? We often have various types of reconditioned alloy wheels available for outright purchase, please contact us - we can usually supply on an outright basis: a set of 4 Sprint alloys at 500, 4 x Stag/2500 alloys at 600, 4 x TR7 alloys at 400.00

Can I buy used? Yes, please see here 

How long does reconditioning take? Wheel types are done in batches which means that the lead time cannot be ascertained precisely. We aim for a 1 week turnaround. 

Can you fix kerbing damage? Standard prices include skimming the rim edge on the lathe to remove kerbing damage and minor corrosion. Minor welding and straightening repairs, at extra cost, can be undertaken at the customer's risk.

Can I fit Sprint or TR7 or Stag wheels to my Herald/Vitesse/Spitfire/GT6? You can fit Sprint or TR7 alloys to Herald/Vitesse/Spitfire/GT6 as they are 5.5J x 13". You cannot (easily) fit Stag alloys as these are 14" and would require very low profile tyres to enable clearance

Our reconditioned wheels are sold by many other Triumph traders - why not cut out the middleman and save yourself s

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