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Phoenix Stainless Sports Exhausts, Manifolds & Headers


Phoenix systems are precision manufactured to bolt on & fit properly with no bending required. Built to ISO9002 standards. Both the twin & single box systems provide a superb throaty exhaust note along with improved performance and stunning good looks. Lifetime guarantee.


Twin Box System Available For: Single Box System Available For:
Spitfire, Herald, Vitesse, GT6, TR4, TR4A, TR250, TR5/6 all priced at 234.95 inc Fitting Kit   Spitfire, TR2/3/3A/4/4A all priced at 179.95 inc Fitting Kit

TR5/6 at 219.95


Some of the benefits of stainless steel:
  • Tough, Reliable & Longlasting

  • Vehicle Resale Enhanced

  • Designed to outlast vehicle lifetime

  • Cost Effective

Our stainless steel exhausts are  manufactured from top grade 303 quality non- magnetic stainless. They are guaranteed for as long as you own the vehicle.


From this:

To this:


We can supply replacement cotton reel mounts for Sports Exhausts rear silencer boxes (all brands) at 2.24 each for rubber and 6.50 each for polyurethane



   Why not combine your exhaust with a stainless sports extractor manifold? 

  • SpitfireI/II...............254               
  • SpitfireIII/IV/1500...254
  • Herald13/60..........254
  • GT6I......................339
  • GT6II.....................339
  • GT6III.....................339
  • TR2/3/3A/4/4A.......339
  • TR250/5/6..............339 

All prices exclude VAT 

 (Phoenix is not the cheapest brand, but certainly the best!) - see below


TR2/3/3A/4/4A  Requires link pipe (priced at 30.00) to fit to standard system or twin box system; will mate directly to single box system

TR250/5/6  Requires link pipe (priced at 67.00) to fit to standard system or twin box system; will mate directly to single box system


We are also able to supply a Sports Extractor Manifold for Spitfire III/IV/1500 manufactured by Double S Stainless Exhausts priced at 194.00. While we prefer the Phoenix system and use it on our own cars, the Double S product is very well made at a highly competitive price.


Photo above is an example of a Vitesse & GT6 Phoenix 6 Cylinder manifold - note the 6-3-1 pulse configuration to give maximum power over a wide rev range