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 SuperSlim Whirlwind Electric Cooling Fans



Generic benefits of electric cooling fans as opposed to engine driven ones are:

Improves cooling

Can be fitted instead of existing engine driven fan or in addition to engine fan if mounted in front of radiator

Reduces engine noise

Produces quicker warm-up times

Improves MPG (engine is alleviated from task of turning engine fan) (Around 8.5% according to the manufacturers)

Improves performance (engine driven fan is estimated to absorb 3-4 BHP from output)

Easy DIY fitment


Specific benefits of SuperSlim Whirlwind electric cooling fans are:


Model Fan Size Inch Fan Depth at Widest

(Bearing) Point mm

CFM Output Cost

inc VAT

Spitfire All (Full Width & Narrow Width) 12" 63.5 1130 62.28
Herald All (Full Width & Narrow Width) 12" 63.5 1130 62.28
Vitesse All 14" 74.5 1990 69.33
GT6 All 12" 63.5 1130 62.28
Dolomite 1300 / 1500 12" 63.5 1130 62.28
Dolomite 1850 / Sprint 12" 63.5 1130 62.28
2000 / 2500 14" 74.5 1990 69.33
Stag 14" 74.5 1990 69.33
TR7 14" 74.5 1990 69.33
TR5 / 6 16" 76 2540 83.43
TR2-4 10" 63 860 56.40


Mounting Feet

All our fans are supplied with a set of mounting feet.


Fan Fitting Kit

We can also supply a fan mounting kit if required
Fits in minutes.
Consists of cable tie like strap with oversize head - push this through fan mounting feet and radiator matrix, push on retaining plate the other side of the radiator and snip off excess tie. Use the pads supplied to protect matrix fins

6.60 inc VAT



Adjustable Electric Cooling Fan Thermostat Switch Capillary

This is a capillary type thermal switch for operating electric fans.
The sender is designed to be mounted inside top or bottom hose or between radiator fins.
Fully adjustable, can be set to turn on any 12v fan at any water temperature between 32 and 248 degree Farenheit (0 to 120 Centigrade).
Supplied as a kit complete with all fittings, mounting bracket, relay, wiring, instructions etc.
US manufactured by Derale Cooling Products

38.39 inc VAT


Override Switch

Allows manual switching of fan Illuminates when on
ABS construction
Require 12mm panel hole







Picture Shows 10" fan along with fan fitting kit & adjustable controller




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