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Tel: 0181 854 4777 Fax: 0181 854 2404   Email: info@quillertriumph.co.uk


European Club Listings

Triumph - Austria

Spitfire Club Austria
Contact: Ing. Thomas Schmidt, Braunhubegasse 7/1/7, A-1110 Wien

English Sports Car Club
Contact: Postfach 413, A-1171 Wien

Triumph Stag Club Austria
Contact: R.P. Cavanara, Leiding 4, A-2823 Pitten, Tel.: 02627/83735

TR-Register Austria

President: Alfred Leimer

Address: A-1232 WIEN, Stipcakgasse 9-17/15

Tel.: ++ 43 1 609 20 41

Fax.: ++ 43 1 609 20 41

Mayer_Hans-Georg <mailto:ddmayer@magnet.at>


Members: 45


Anual Fee: 500,- ATS

Newsletter: TR-News (6 Issues each year)

Cars covered: TR2-TR8 models

Info: TR-Weekend 14.-16. August 1998, Waldviertel, Niederösterreich



Triumph - Belgium

Belgian Triumph Club <trbe.html>,

Triumph 2000/2500/2.5 Register <trbe.html>

TR Register Belgium <trbe.html>

Triumph Sport Sic Club Belgium <trbe.html>


Triumph - Denmark

Dansk Triumph Automobilclub

President: Frank Isidor

Address: Skovvaenget 8, DK-8680 Ry

Tel.: ++ 45 8689 8323

triumph@post12.tele.dk <mailto:triumph@post12.tele.dk>


Members: 300

Anual Fee: DDK 260

Newsletter: bi monthly

Cars covered: All Triumphs

Triumph Club Denmark
Contact: Gorm Schmidt, Tel.: ++ 45 46 757644


Triumph - Finland

Triumph Cars Club of Finland

President: Markus Laaksonen, Angsby, Elfvik, FIN-02580 Siuntio, Tel.: +358-0-298 6402

Address: Pasi J. Lehtinen, Krootilantie 22, FIN-27510 Eura

Tel.: ++ 358 38 865 0299, Fax.: ++ 358 38 823 6308

club@triumphcar.inet.fi <mailto:club@triumphcar.inet.fi>

Home Page <http://personal.inet.fi/yhdistys/triumphcar>

Members: 320


Anual Fee: 120,- FIM

Newsletter: "Keulakuva", 4 magazines per year

contact: Markku Hiltunen

Keltasirkunpolku 1 aB 33, FIN-20610 Turku

Tel.: +358-21-244 6706

keulakuva@triumphcar.inet.fi <mailto:keulakuva@triumphcar.inet.fi>

Cars covered: All Triumph and Standard models


Triumph - France

Amicale Spitfire France <trfr.html>

Stag Club France <trfr.html>

TR Register France <trfr.html>

Triumph Club de France <trfr.html>

Triumph Sport Six Club France <trfr.html>


Triumph - Germany

1. Spitfire Club Deutschlands <trde.html>

Triumph Stag Club Deutschland <trde.html>

Triumph TR IG Suedwest <trde.html>

TR7 IG <trde.html>

TR Register Deutschland e.V. <trde.html>


Triumph Competition and Triumph MG Challenge <trchall.html> - Races on historical tracks


Triumph - Greece

Triumph Sport Six Club Greece


Address: Nikolas Lekakis, Megalapoleos 23-Adames, N. Kifisia, GR-14564 Athen

Tel.: ++ 10 30 1 807 6921



Anual Fee:

Cars covered: Herald, Vitesse, Spitfire, GT6, Specials


Triumph - Ireland

The Triumph Classic Owners Club <trir.html>

TR Register Ireland <trir.html>


Triumph - Italy

Italian Triumph Dolomite Sprint <mailto:antonio.sisti@ntt.it>

Triumph Spitfire Italian Register <trit.html>

TR Register Italy <trit.html>

Triumph Sport Six Club Italy <trit.html>


Triumph - Netherlands

Club Triumph Holland <trne.html>

Stag Club Netherlands <trne.html>

TR Club Holland <trne.html>

TR Drivers Club <trne.html>

Triumph 2000/2500/2.5 Register Holland <trne.html>

Triumph Spitfire Club <trne.html>

Triumph Sport Sic Club Holland <trne.html>


Triumph - Norway

TR Register Norway


Address: David Adams, Hissingbydalen, N-1640 Rade

Tel.: ++ 47 69 284391,

Fax.: ++ 47 69 285385

David Adams <mailto:trdavid@online.no>

Members: 45

Anual Fee: no membership fee


Cars covered: all TRiumphs but mainly TRs

Triumph Sport Six Club Norway


Address: Svein Johannessen, Bispeveien 78, N-1347 Hasle

Tel.: ++ 47 476 714 9510



Anual Fee:

Cars covered: Herald, Vitesse, Spitfire, GT6, Specials

TR Section, Norwegian Sports Car Club <norway.html>


Triumph - Portugal

Triumph Club de Portugal <trpo.html>

Triumph TR Register Portugal <trpo.html>

Triumph Sport Six Club Portugal <trpo.html>


Triumph - Spain

TR Register Spain

President: Jacques Parser

Address: Jacques Parser, Estrellas 14, 28244 Pozuelo de Alarcon

Tel.: ++ 34 1 7155824

Jack <mailt:ob054402603@abonados.cplus.es>



Annual Fee: free


Cars covered: all TR and Spitfire


Triumph - Sweden

Triumph Club Sweden <trsw.html>

Triumph TR Club Sweden <trsw.html>


Triumph - Swiss

Swiss Triumph Herald und Vitesse Club
Contact: Andrew Twiddy-Walser, Huegelistr 8, CH-9535 Wilen bei Wil, Tel. priv: 073/234334, office: 073/233360

Swiss TR Club


Address: Hainz Baur, Grubengasse 29, CH-6315 Oberageri/ZG

Tel.: +41-41-750 0632

Fax.: +41-41-750 0832

Toby Tscharland <mailto:tts_tscharland@ch.ibm.com>


Members: 195

Founded: 1975

Anual Fee: SFR 80.-

Newsletter: quaterly

Cars covered: mainly TR2 - TR8, but we welcome also all other Triumphs

Triumph Spitfire Club Schweiz

President: Dieter Messmer

Address: CH-4852 Murgenthal

Tel.: ++41/62/926 31 06

Ruedi Bruegger <mailto:Club@Spitfire.ch>

Home Page <http://www.spitfire.ch>

Members: 200

Anual Fee: Active = SFR 60; Passenger + Passive = SFR 30

Newsletter: 2 a year (spring and autumn)

Cars covered: Triumph Spitfire, GT6, Herald and Vitesse

Triumph Stag Club Switzerland


Address: M. Schoenenberger, Zulgstrasse 52, CH-3612 Steffisburgl

Tel.: ++ 41 33 37 38 86

email: 101504.3172@compuserve.com


Members: 121


Anual Fee: 100.- SF

Newsletter: 4/year

Cars covered: Stag MKI + MKII

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