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Triumph - A rough guide to tax exemption
Tax exemption applies to vehicles registered / constructed before 1st January 1973 only
Model To Comn No:

Toledo 1296cc Two Door Saloon ADH/2290
1296cc Four Door Saloon ADF/55194
All ADG Series Toledo's qualify for tax exemption as were produced prior to 1972

1500 FWD 1493cc Four Door Saloon - Front Wheel Drive YB/61717
1500 TC 1493cc Four Door Saloon - Rear Wheel Drive Does not qualify

Dolomite 1850 / HL 1854cc Four Door Saloon - Rear Wheel Drive WF/19268
Dolomite Sprint 1998cc Four Door Saloon - Rear Wheel Drive Does not qualify

2000 1998cc MKI Saloon / Estate / PI All exempt
1998cc MK II Saloon / Estate ME/74983
2.5 PI 2498cc MK II Saloon / Estate MG/76343
2000/2500 cars with commission prefixes ML,MM,MN,MP introduced in 1974 do not qualify

Spitfire 1296cc MK IV FH/52541
1493cc US Export Model 1500 (left hand drive) FM/3033-U

GT6 1998cc MK III Coupe KE or KF/21476

TR6 2498cc PI Fuel Injection Model CR/650
2498cc Carb US Export Model (left hand drive) CF/3966-U
TR6 PI chassis prefix CP and TR6 Carb commission prefix CC exempt as production ceased in 1972

Stag 2997cc Convertible / Coupe LD or LE/21087

Compiled by Angela Cotton of The Isle of Wight Triumph Club. Our thanks to her.


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