Project Cars: 

We always have a selection of cars for sale which need work doing before they are road ready. One of these cars may be useful to you if you are a spannerman and wish to embark on a new project, or need a parts source for your own restoration. They all need plenty of work to put back on the road. They are usually either accident damaged, or heavily corroded, or part-restorations where the previous owner has given up (usually lack of time/ability/inclination/storage etc). Please be advised that although these cars may well run, and may even be MOT'd, in all instances they are not road-legal and will need a great deal of work to become so.

Please note that we never have TR2-4s for sale as projects as we always repair these ourselves (if repairable)

The pictures opposite may not be of currently available cars at this moment (we often turn them over too quickly to photograph individually) but may give you a flavour of our stock.

Current List: (updated as of: 08/08/2011 )

  • GT6 MK1 Very original, pretty complete. Incredibly rusty 800

  • GT6 MK2 Extremely rusty, good interior 650

  • GT6 MK2 Been stripped for restoration, lots of new panels, although some appear to have been fitted by Blind Bob. Needs respraying & redressing & some more panelwork. All parts are supposed to be in the boot, but doubtless theres plenty missing. 1000

  • GT6 MK3 Needs engine, missing doors & plenty else. 700

  • Spitfire MK3 Sometimes a couple here, but in hot demand so ring first 400 - 2000

  • Spitfire IV/1500 Usually a choice of 2 or 3 in various states of disrepair 400 - 1200

  • TR6 chassis only with V5. (UK PI car, 1974 not tax exempt)  600

  • Herald 13/60 Convertible. Dead engine, pretty sad all round 500

  • Herald Saloon Usually a choice of 2 or 3 in various states of disrepair 400 - 700

  • Bond Equipe What a rust bucket 350

  • Bond Equipe Tatty. Missing interior & brightwork 500

  • Vitesse Saloon Been stored 20 years, surprisingly little rust, complete, engine & every other moving component likely to be seized 600

  • 2500 Estate Needs engine & rewire  & comprehensive rebuild. 300

  • 2500 Saloon Auto. Good runner & solid. Fairly presentable looking, 900

  • TR7 5Speed Convertible. Runner. Needs sills (probably floorpans too if you're doing the job properly) 1000

  • TR7 V8 Convertible. Storming engine and new hood. Lots of upgrades. Did drive into the yard, might even drive out. 1500

  • TR7 5Speed Saloon. All complete and undamaged but pretty tired. Spares car 400

  • Sprint. Only 9000 miles on recon engine/box/ running gear. Needs reshell due to heavy roll. Still drives surprisingly - will probably do nice crab impressions! 1000

  Don't see what you want? Then we can send you an email when we have in stock a car you are interested in. This may enable you to see the car before the details are posted on this web page. Click here


Some replies to frequently-asked questions:

If I buy one of your project cars...

  • Will you be able to supply me any parts I need? Yes certainly - in the event we don't have it in stock then we can acquire it for you in 99% of cases. 

  • Will you be able to do me a deal on some of the new parts I know I'm going to need? Yes, but please don't expect too much, some Triumph parts, especially panels, have very low margins.

  • Will you be able to do some bits of the repair work I can't do? Yes indeed and we can usually price this for you before you buy.

  •  Will you be able to restore the car to my specification (I want it in blue with a red stripe, blue mohair hood, wire wheels, overdrive, sports exhaust, rear seatbelts etc)? Yes of course, we do this all the time, one of the advantages of doing it this way is you get to own the car the way you like it. 

  • And you fully restore it do you think I can then sell it and make a good profit? No unfortunately not. If you sell a car immediately after we have finished it for you, you will not (unless you are very lucky) recoup your investment. If this was the case then that is all we would be doing for ourselves and would never be open for customer's cars

  • And restore it myself do you think I can then sell it and make a good profit? Probably, if you have done a good job, you should certainly be able to recoup the purchase and parts cost, maybe even earn a little.


Can you send some photos and a description of a car I am interested in...

  • Please can you send me a picture and a detailed description of what we think is good or bad about the car. No sorry we cant email pictures because 1) A general picture of the car wont really show you what the car is like, how rusty, how poor the paint etc.2) Detailed pictures of the rusty areas (of which there are likely to be a multitude) dont really help either, and we may well miss several important areas where we didnt see the rust causing you to feel you have been mislead. Unfortunately you really need to pay a visit and see the car, I know this is inconvenient and you dont want to waste your time, but we dont want to waste your time by sending you pics that when you visit you feel is not representative of the car....any car you are interested in needs seeing in the flesh where you will be left alone to peruse and prod away for yourself.

I've seen one of your cars once already and I'm considering buying it....

  • Will you reduce the price as it's been a few months and you've got to get rid of it sometime? No, sorry. When it has been around a while and noone wants it then we would dismantle it for spares. This can be sad sometimes for a car that is reusable which is why we try to sell them as they are, but as a business we do need to make a profit and we cant keep every car that noone wants to buy indefinitely. These used spares help keep other people's cars on the road economically

  • Is the car in exactly the same state as it was when I looked at it X days/weeks ago? Quite possibly not. Many used parts are racked, but if we need something that isn't racked for a customer then we will remove it from a car in the yard rather than turn them away. We would therefore require you to take a second look before you purchase as we may not be able to remember what was on the car when you looked at it and what has been removed since.

  • Are you able to deliver it? Yes we have a car transporter.

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